Monday, February 22, 2010

Macy's Men's-a message to all women!

Removed Review:

I don't believe this is my 400th.
Ruined my plan too.

I got my review FLAGGED AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!
What did I wrong with the review?
Is it irrelevance review?
That's the word I can not even pronounce.

I thought I have fixed the review for the1st one & 2nd one.
So, I need to add more of How Good Macy's Men's was in the end.

Hi Nobu,

I'm writing to let you know about our decision to remove your review of Macy's Men's Store. Your review was flagged by the Yelp community, and our Customer Service team has determined that it falls outside our review guidelines: - Irrelevance. Reviews aren't the place for rants about your political ideologies or a business' advertisements.

We review every situation with detail and care and take the removal of reviews very seriously.

Yelp User Support
San Francisco, California

Hi, Sydney.
So, I re-re-re-write. Please let me know if it's still lacks sufficient, relevant firsthand information regarding this establishment, offensive to users of the Yelp Site.


nobu K.


So, here we go.
And again!

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

I have a message to all women.
FXXX lots of men.
FXXX them!
All women deserve to be a bitch and right to say, " I don't need a stupid man telling me what to do!"

I am just disappointed about straight male lately.


And Gov. Eliot Spitzer.
What a prick he is.
Eliot Spitzer is Nothing but the picnic table Fxxxing dude or GW.
Made me sick.

In Japan, A 25 years old man who never had any jobs after graduate high school, bought a knife about 10 days ago and began to stab people randomly and killed 2.

I was talking to my office mate who just broke up her Indian boyfriend who couldn't stand up for her because his family hated her only because she isn't Indian.
They were together for 3 years.

A guy was w/ his boss, 75 years old man, having a phone conference interview with the city of Los Altos, the interview for the civic center master plan, the represents of Los Altos mentioned the city needs bigger street signs. His boss said out loud, " Oh, for Asian drivers!". The represents got silent. few days later the boss got a e-mail said, "we don't need you for the master plan job."

And, Domestic Violence to women and children.
I am sick of hearing it!
This is just one of them.

What's goin'on for straight men these days ?
What's wrong with them?
More likely "CXXX" male version, because they are Dickless Son of a Bitch.
There are many "CXXX-man" in straight male.
They don't love you but they just FXXX you!
So, it doesn't matter "it" is a Picnic Table or Woman!

This is So Screwed up!
I still hope there are straight men who does right thing.

So, I needed something to think positive about my self.
I just want to be a man who just respect women.
No matter what, bitch, lesbo, dyke, Asian women who look like Yoda at a post office or Russian women who look like Jabba the hutt eat mackerel sushi with Mayo. etc...
You name it, I respect them all.

So, I thought I need some ........ Gayness.
I think Gay men are "Dick Head" more than straight men in some degree.
But, there is a difference.
The difference is,
Straight talk.
Straight men doesn't talk straight.
Straight men always lies, manipulate and sneak out.
So, Most straight men are Dickless.
Can you talk "Straight"?
Straight Talk is, that's my gay men friends do.
They don't give shit.
If you can not have "Straight Talk", you are a Dick head & Dickless MuthaFXXXer.

That's why I thought I need...... Gayness.
Not Guiness.
To help me think positive and joy.
By the way, I like guys in QVC.
Especially the big bold head white guy,and the tall dark hair dark skin guy always wear sweater.
Jewelly guy & Omaha steak guy.
They are very nice and gay, I mean, happy all the time.

I think gayness starts from shoes.
So, I went to MM=Men's Macy's to get a good pair of shoes.
MyGF recommended MM.
The service was good. These guys were really COOL,PATIENT and helpful.
I have wide feet like Donald Duck and high-instep, calls Typical Asian feet.
Only shoes fit my feet is Birkenstocks but I hate them.
My GF told me that I will be able to find a right pair of shoes at MM's and She was right!
I got a pair of ECCO, great black dress shoes.
I went to the right place, Mecca of Gayness for an old straight Asian man.
No, no, no, Please don't get me wrong here politically.
Mecca of Good Lookin' Men!!!

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  1. You know this is one of my favorite Nobu K reviews :-)