Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cigarettes Should be Higher. A Lot!

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San Francisco, California

Removed Review: I do have a problem seeing this store. Why this store has 2 locations within 10 blocks in the Richmond district? Because more Asians and Russians? Or, I should say, more X-communist countries people are in this district? I have a high school friend in Japan who had his lungs operation twice. Twice! He is still smoking. All of my high school friends in Japan are smoking. Such dumb asses! Everytime I go back to Japan, I have to take a shower at least 3 times a day because the smoke gets in my eyes, hair, jacket, it grosses me out. I love Japan but their smoking habit needs to change. So as China, Korea. All those smoking Asians and X-communists are very sexist too. Does anyone notice? Why is that? Is there any connection between smoking and sexist? Cigarettes should not be cheaper! I think the price should be higher. I strongly suggest the governor and city should ban this store.


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  2. I fully agree that 29's a bad idea, especially since I read about the government study which highlighted our state's squandering of cigarette tax revenues and settlement money on other projects. camel-blue