Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The First Female Sushi Chef in the city!

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Removed Review:
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Have you ever sit on your testicle? Have you squished between thighs?
It hurts, doesn't it? Yes, it does. Or,... Have you forgot to rearranged the position of the balls between thighs?
So, Have you ever walk funny right before the arrangement?
Sometimes outside skin of the bag stick on inside of thighs, Ugh! I hate it. I ask my self still WHY I am a man?
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So, Get this.

The First Female Sushi Chef in the city!

And she is Japanese. But the main chef is a guy who used to work for old Kabuto when Kabuto was cross the street. The old Kabuto was owned by a good Japanese sushi chef. But I don't want to talk about the old Kabuto because it is a success and really sad story. I've heard the old man own a sushi bar up in the Napa or somewhere in north. Anyway. I ordered, all Nigiri, Shima Aji Katsuo Tataki Bachi Maguro Shime-Saba with thin sliced KonBu was nice touch! Hirame Ika Tamago + a small Yebisu Beer + tax= 43.40. It's all done by the Non-Japanese Male sushi chef. Nice slice, well-prepared Katsuo, Shime-Saba were good. Sushi-rice was decent, a bit hard, not a over "sweeted". The only thing bothered me was that the size of the Nigiri were a bit too small for me. The means that the place is focus on Non-Japanese customers, Not a hard core Japanese Sushi eaters. I still read reviews that girls sayin' too much rice even though the girl has such a big mouth can take 2 BJ at once! FXXX YOU! The most important part of SUSHI is how to prepare GOOD-Sushi-RICE. and fish. And sure enough, there was a white-couple came in, The dude was looked like bold head version of the original Maxwell Smart ( Get Smart ) 40's FiDi kind guy. His date, she had long dirty blond, tall BigRed lips Miss Piggy. Soon after they sat by the counter, they started deep-French-kissing each other. Ugh! FXXX YOU TOO! Do French-Kiss OUTSIDE, You UGLY WHORE! WHATTHE HELL you think where you are in? It's a SUSHI BAR here. I take SUSHI BAR as be in a shrine. I take be in SUSHI BAR seriously respectful. The way the couple using chopsticks was outrage too. I don't want to get into the detail because UGLY AS FXXX. The female chef greeted me with very nice respectful-Japanese. So, I asked her, " Can you do Nigiri?" She replied very politely, " Yes, sometimes, but I only know a little bit of how to cut a fresh whole fish." The all conversation was in Japanese. Kabuto is 50% Japanese. VERY CLEAN Counter. Nice Oshibori= hot cloth napkin, and I love the Great Big Agari= Hot Japanese tea. Great service too. So far, I must say OUT LOUD that one of the BEST Non-Japanese Authentic Sushi Chef in the city. WELL-DONE, Sir. Well-done. I like Kabuto a lot better than the FXXXin' Rude KiSS THE SEA FOOD for sure! Non-Japanese-Good-Sushi Chef list. 1. Kabuto 2. Okoze 3. Balboa Sushi House I forgot to mention, the female Sushi Chef is very pretty. YEAH! Btw, Ken K send me a info that where the old Kabuto Chef now. He is at Vivify, Shasta.http://www.yelp.com/biz/vivify-mt-shasta

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  1. I remember this review...never realized that testicles and penises were so troublesome before.